Action Plan

Any project idea taken forward by Renfrew Development Trust needs to be driven by the people of Renfrew.

In 2013/14, a community consultation was commissioned and tried to include as many Renfrew people as possible.

599 people contributed on Facebook. 1424 responded to a local survey. Over 200 attended open meetings and focus groups and there were lots of one to one discussions and two successful photo competitions showing what people valued about the town.

In the consultation the people said that

  • 77% of people like Renfrew and want to stay here
  • For those that don’t, an unattractive environment and lack of jobs were the big issues
  • 44% wanted better local facilities to gather people together and get them involved
  • There is a need for skills, training and enterprise, particularly focussed on young people
  • There were significant frustrations with traffic

Following from the consultation, the trust put in place an Action Plan that had five main themes:

  • Built and Natural Environment
  • Community Facilities
  • Jobs & Enterprise
  • Events
  • Transport

Areas of focus

We identified five key areas for regeneration activity in our town, the goal of which is to support Renfrew as an empowered community.